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Showing detailed stats for team Aggie The Pew in the Sophie Germains Birthday Challenge

Last updated: 2020-04-04 12:02:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

4Scott BrownAggie The Pew6372118.70
6zunewantanAggie The Pew3677355.26
13mattozanAggie The Pew2112544.47
27Rick ReynoldsAggie The Pew1024580.87
32NickAggie The Pew968781.73
34mfl0pAggie The Pew933258.67
53TimTAggie The Pew592476.76
62mackerelAggie The Pew511971.13
110Crun-chiAggie The Pew249220.22
153TylerAggie The Pew153268.04
231Lord Of The RatsAggie The Pew68531.57
233Eudy SilvaAggie The Pew65817.45
347VitescoAggie The Pew26023.64
363KouhkiAggie The Pew20914.70
394RogerAggie The Pew14528.53
427DeleteNulllAggie The Pew8780.98
478Daniel BroomfieldAggie The Pew4669.89
719j.sheridanAggie The Pew239.48
813Matthew GarnerAggie The Pew79.83
860Gary CraigAggie The Pew39.91