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Showing detailed stats for team Aggie The Pew in the International Womens Day Challenge

Last updated: 2023-03-09 15:01:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

#  RankUserTeamCredit
1  3Scott BrownAggie The Pew4539011.20
2  20EBMAggie The Pew1013405.57
3  52Eudy SilvaAggie The Pew381533.83
4  82TimTAggie The Pew203878.52
5  152mackerelAggie The Pew73361.14
6  158Lord Of The RatsAggie The Pew67294.28
7  223TylerAggie The Pew29775.52
8  302Brook HarsteAggie The Pew6785.31
9  442mfbabb2Aggie The Pew319.31