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Showing detailed stats for team Aggie The Pew in the M.C. Eschers Birthday Challenge

Last updated: 2022-06-22 13:00:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

#  RankUserTeamCredit
1  6Scott BrownAggie The Pew23239261.00
2  55mfl0pAggie The Pew1478912.72
3  81Crun-chiAggie The Pew777172.26
4  111mattozanAggie The Pew527174.31
5  114Anthony AyiomamitisAggie The Pew514622.42
6  131mackerelAggie The Pew419559.63
7  184Lord Of The RatsAggie The Pew224270.28
8  205Eudy SilvaAggie The Pew183084.34
9  238KouhkiAggie The Pew114590.05
10  253mfbabb2Aggie The Pew93832.42