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Showing detailed stats for team Aggie The Pew in the Katherine Johnson Memorial Challenge

Last updated: 2020-07-31 20:00:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

3Scott BrownAggie The Pew25972813.65
11zunewantanAggie The Pew7986732.49
16j.sheridanAggie The Pew5794022.66
26NickAggie The Pew4221890.27
52TylerAggie The Pew2174884.41
55mackerelAggie The Pew2084370.89
60mfl0pAggie The Pew1806909.15
81Rick ReynoldsAggie The Pew1165954.25
106mattozanAggie The Pew876560.36
149Anthony AyiomamitisAggie The Pew497253.53
159Crun-chiAggie The Pew431198.37
207Eudy SilvaAggie The Pew258530.75
293Lord Of The RatsAggie The Pew90305.87
313DeleteNulllAggie The Pew70580.63
330KouhkiAggie The Pew51235.16
379RivernessAggie The Pew29072.52