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Showing detailed stats for team Aggie The Pew in the Conjunction of Venus & Jupiter Challenge

Last updated: 2019-01-22 05:45:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

1zunewantanAggie The Pew26861978.57
2Scott BrownAggie The Pew17442500.97
21mackerelAggie The Pew6508091.35
30Van ZimmermanAggie The Pew4850722.87
38SkyHighWeFlyAggie The Pew4065297.94
42TimTAggie The Pew3647010.24
51mfl0pAggie The Pew2937827.93
62shinozkAggie The Pew2544634.43
75Rick ReynoldsAggie The Pew1990843.40
81Anthony AyiomamitisAggie The Pew1814811.64
86mattozanAggie The Pew1721050.92
126TylerAggie The Pew1067596.54
143Brook HarsteAggie The Pew931464.17
197Eudy SilvaAggie The Pew554305.02
208gazzyk1nsAggie The Pew496183.29
241DirkAggie The Pew330552.18
293RogerAggie The Pew169520.91
312KouhkiAggie The Pew117327.06
348Nilay KhandelwalAggie The Pew58753.98
366Iain BethuneAggie The Pew52921.22
378mfbabb2Aggie The Pew52599.73