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Showing detailed stats for team TeAm AnandTech in the Conjunction of Venus & Jupiter Challenge

Last updated: 2019-01-22 05:45:00

Top 10 Team Members:

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Team members:

6xii5kuTeAm AnandTech11950616.78
23crashtechTeAm AnandTech6171803.86
32wahTeAm AnandTech4521899.20
44IECTeAm AnandTech3417140.86
50HowdyTeAm AnandTech3038726.70
63Ken_g6TeAm AnandTech2471293.23
109iwajabitwTeAm AnandTech1270703.64
113biodocTeAm AnandTech1229788.80
120zzuuppTeAm AnandTech1092777.84
242Orange KidTeAm AnandTech327813.54
271SlangNRoxTeAm AnandTech223988.94
28810esseeTonyTeAm AnandTech212579.21